Male Condoms

  1. It’s real­ly impor­tant to use a con­dom from the very begin­ning of anal, oral, or vagi­nal sex and to keep it on until the very end. This is because some infec­tions don’t need semen (‘cum’) to be trans­mit­ted (they can be spread from skin-to-skin con­tact), and even small amounts of pre-cum can trans­mit STIs or cause pregnancy.
  2. Open the con­dom as you would a ketchup pack­age along the ridged edges with your hands. If you use your teeth you may dam­age the condom.
  3. The con­dom usu­al­ly comes out the wrong way or inside out! You’ll know it’s the wrong way because the ring will be on the inside and it looks like the top of a baby bot­tle. You will know it’s the right way because the ring is now on the out­side and you will be able to roll it down quite eas­i­ly.

    Note: If you put the con­dom on the penis the wrong way, it is NOT okay to just flip it inside out and keep using it because any­time a penis is hard there will be pre-cum on it which con­tains sperm as well as an STI if that per­son has one. So if you put the con­dom on the wrong way and then flip it over, the pre-cum will be on the out­side of the con­dom get­ting a free ride into your part­ner! If a con­dom is put on the wrong way, it should be thrown away and a new one should be used – and that’s a good rea­son to have more than one con­dom around.
  4. Pinch the air out of the top of the con­dom before putting it on to leave room for the semen (‘cum’) to go.
  5. While still pinch­ing with one hand, use your oth­er hand to roll the con­dom all the way down to the base of the penis (or sex toy). If the penis has fore­skin, pull the fore­skin down and then roll the con­dom down.
  6. Make sure the con­dom is rolled all the way to the base of the penis (all the way to the balls’ or tes­ti­cles but NOT over them).
  7. When sex is done, hold onto the base of the con­dom and penis, remove from your part­ner and turn to the side to take it off.
  8. Throw the con­dom in the garbage (DON’T flush it down the toilet).
  9. Con­doms come in a vari­ety of shapes, sizes, and styles, includ­ing thin, ribbed, coloured, or stud­ded. If you find that one kind or brand of con­dom does­n’t work for you or your part­ner, try adding lube or try dif­fer­ent ones until you find one that works.

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