Female Condoms

  1. Stand, squat or lay down in a posi­tion that will be eas­i­est for you to insert the condom.
  2. Take the con­dom out of the pack­age and hold it with the open end down, and pinch the inner ring on the oth­er end so that it becomes long and narrow.
  3. Insert the inner ring inside your vagi­na or anus: Put your index fin­ger inside the con­dom and push the inner ring back as far as it will go. Make sure the con­dom doesn’t get twist­ed as you put it in.
  4. After sex, squeeze and twist the out­er ring so that the sperm stays inside the pouch.
  5. Pull the con­dom out and throw it in the garbage (DON’T flush it down the toilet).

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