Many peo­ple have tried this, only to find that it is not a reli­able form of con­tra­cep­tion. It involves hav­ing sex with­out con­doms, but pulling the penis out of the vagi­na before ejac­u­la­tion (cum­ming).


It doesn’t cost any­thing and is bet­ter than doing noth­ing to pre­vent pregnancy.


This method is NOT rec­om­mend­ed because:

  • You need a high degree of self-con­trol, reflex­es, and timing.
  • The sperm in the pre-ejac­u­late (pre-cum) can lead to pregnancy.
  • Semen on or near the vul­va can still make its way inside and cause pregnancy.
  • It can make sex stress­ful because of all the uncon­trol­lable factors.
  • It doesn’t pre­vent the trans­mis­sion of HIV or STIs.


Typ­i­cal­ly, you have a 60 – 70% chance of get­ting preg­nant with this method.